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Make reality the freedom and flexibility of the location-independent career you’ve always wanted. Being an impact travel consultant business owner with the Myght network can increase your agency’s capacity for higher revenue earnings while lowering your agency costs.

Why Myght Travel Network?

The Myght network is committed to transforming travel from a leisure activity into global force for good. Our consultants are passionate about positively impacting travelers, local communities and the natural world by guiding clients towards responsible and sustainable experiences. Impact travel consultants aren’t just leading a powerful movement, however. They are also business savvy – they know empowering experiences build a distinguished brand, increases client loyalty, and inspires hope for a sustainable future.
  • Leading the way in responsible travel

    Our impact travel consultants are passionate about growing their businesses and making a positive impact on local communities, economies and environments. Myght Travel Academy is pioneering a new approach to travel agencies by educating travel consultants on how to sell travel experiences that can create a better world and translates into better business and higher earnings for agencies.

  • Our expertise and hands-on guidance

    When you join our network, you’ll have complete access to training manuals developed by experts in tourism, international development and social entrepreneurship. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, our training, tools and network will provide the knowledge and support to help your agency succeed. From figuring out business basics, getting your first trip request, sealing your first deal or your hundredth, we’ll be with you every step of the way and ready to answer any questions you have along your journey.

  • Unleash Your Myght

    What we provide is the education and business resources to help you develop and grow your agency, but our mission goes beyond providing knowledge and tools. We want to help you become a leader in one of the fastest growing markets within the travel industry. Based on a Tourism Cares study, impact travel has become one of the leading and highest paying niche markets in the travel industry!

  • The Myght Hub

    Our advisor portal will provide you with the tools and resources develop a strong business foundation and skills as a responsible advisor. Beyond standard travel advisor training, we partnered with leading impact organizations to provide continued education for becoming a responsible advisor.

  • Travel Leaders Network

    Our affiliation with Travel Leaders provides access to the learning management system with over 300 training programs and five unique travel specialist programs. Additionally, you’ll gain opportunities to attend Travel Leaders events including local, regional, national and international summits.

  • Travel Experiences

    Familiarization trips – also known as FAM trips – are curated travel experiences designed to help you learn about a destination through hands-on experience. We provide select opportunities to visit destinations through exclusive low-cost/high-value experiences that allow you to become an expert on a destination. Terms apply.

Inclusions of Joining Myght

  • A step-by-step program to support you in setting up a strong business foundation, mission, vision and responsible business structure..

  • A step-by-step program to enhance your understanding of the industry, operating tools, business set-up systems, and best practices.

  • A collection of resources to help you find your niche, develop your authentic brand, build your website, convey your purpose, and utilize social media.

  • A scheduled opportunity to assess progress, discuss solutions, and learn from travel professionals.


Our packages have a yearly membership fee of $499 for travel advisors (TA). The membership gives you complete access to our B You package and carefully curated resources to help you succeed in the travel industry. All packages include the following.

*IATAN requirement: Earn $5,000.00+ a year to get your own IATAN card. CLIA requirements: Complete CLIA requirements for membership and sell a minimum of 1 cruise for your CLIA card. **TESS CRM: Make 3 bookings a year for full access to TESS CRM. No sub agents allowed. All packages include the following:

  • B You
    Free @ 60/40 Commission Split

    ✓ Business Group Webinar
    ✓ One 30 Minute Coaching Call
    ✓ Business Foundation Course
    ✓ Access to IATA/CLIA Benefits*
    ✓ Access to Flight Booking System
    ✓ Custom Agreements and Policies
    ✓ Access to Travel Leaders Consortium
    ✓ Myght Lead Generation 50/50 split
    ✓ Access to our $1,000,000 E&O Policy
    ✓ Limited Access to Operating Tools (CRM, Marketing, Booking Platforms, Accounting and Back Office)**

  • B Bold
    $69.99 @ 80/20 Commission Split

    ✓ Everything in B You
    ✓ Higher Commission Split
    ✓ Myght Lead Generation 70/30 split
    ✓ One Complimentary Sales Funnel Script
    ✓ Full Access to Operating Tools (CRM, Marketing, Booking Platforms, Accounting and Back Office)**
    ✓ More Coming Soon

  • B Myght
    $139.99 @ 90/10 Commission Split

    ✓ Everything in B Bold
    ✓ Higher Commission Split
    ✓ Myght Lead Generation 80/20 split
    ✓ Two Complimentary Sales Funnel Script
    ✓ More Coming Soon

Interested in Joining our Network?
We are looking to partner with responsible travel companies.


  • When can I get started?

    Getting started can take between 2-5 business days depending on the individual joining the network. Once you complete the necessary documentation we will give you access the MyghtTravelNetwork Portal to complete New Agent forms to complete commission set up and registration with suppliers.

  • How do I get an IATA card?

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) card is a true identifying marker of a producing travel agent. To be eligible to receive an IATA identification card, you must meet certain criteria. You must be paid a minimum of $5,000 in earned commissions within a 12-month period to be added to Myght's IATA list. You then must maintain earning a minimum of $5,000 in earned commissions each year to requalify for the travel agent ID. Since our agents earn some of the highest commissions in the industry, they are able to earn their IATA cards much faster.

  • Are there any additional fee not mentioned above?

    We created the program to support social entrepreneurs start their company without spending an arm and a leg. We know what it means to bootstrap a startup and we want to make sure we support you in reducing these costs. Other than our monthly fee and our annual reactivation fee we don’t have any other start-up fees.

    We do offer additional services to support you, however, these are optional administrative, design, and other solutions that you may need to execute your business. These fees are disclosed in our intranet and are meant to reduce your spend on freelancers the industry.

  • Why are there membership fees?

    Our membership fee supports in creating educational content, attain new technology, and maintain credentials that help social entrepreneurs like you run your business at a low cost. These tools are geared towards creating opportunities for you to increase your profitability.

  • When do you pay commission?

    We pay commission twice per month 1st and the 15th of every month. Once the traveler has experienced their journey the supplier will send a commission payment to us and once cleared we will submit payment via direct deposit only when the booking is recorded appropriately in our CRM.

  • What kind of support does Myght offer to help agencies succeed in business?

    We were in your shoes once and we continuously learn new things and we know how daunting a new career in travel can result in anxiety in starting this new journey. Our academy was designed with that in mind and we included all our systems, processes, procedures, and support to combat some of the initial challenges. Furthermore, we’ve created an ecosystem of established agencies looking to support and provide mentorship through this journey. Lastly, we are utilizing our strengths in sales, partnerships, and marketing to help increase travelers into all our partner agencies.

  • Do I get discounts on my travel experiences?

    As a responsible travel consultant, you’ll gain access to FAM Trips which provided affordable (not available to the public) and even free opportunities in exchange for your commitment in selling the destination or trip you participate in. Our agents have participated in trips to Jordan, Poland, Tunisia, Nepal, India, Guatemala, and other destinations. Please note that you must sell a minimum of 3 trips a year to take full advantage of trips.

    While discounted travel is a benefit we do not allow any agent/agency to participate for discounted personal travel.